Sunmed CBD Nighttime Face Serum 30mg



Sunmed CBD Nighttime Face Serum with CBD – 30mg

Sunmed CBD Nighttime Face Serum 30mg. This serum at bed to help supplement your CBD regiment to add a boost to your skin health during sleep. CBD and hemp-derived products have become a focus in lotions due to the complex natural vitamins and cannabinoids. CBD has been shown to promote abnormal cell death in certain skin conditions and been used as a pain and anti-inflammatory solution. This substance makes a powerful targeted solution that your common moisturizing lotion simply cannot provide. This natural formulation is safe and merges plant medicine with modern technology for a convenient moisturizing cream. Best CBD Night time Face Serum 30mg


Sunmed CBD Nighttime Face Serum is a powerful supplement for the face: potent and slow-absorbing with nutrients that fortify the skin all throughout your sweet dreams. CBD possesses the unique ability to follow the skin’s natural changes, boosting its ability to repair and restore for gentle nighttime nourishment.



Start with freshly cleansed skin. Apply at nighttime using fingertips. Massage gently onto the face and neck in an upward motion. Enjoy anti-aging nutrients delivered during the full 8-hour sleep cycle


  • Repairs and restores dry skin
  • Delivers gentle moisture
  • Anti-aging antioxidants
  • Combatting fine lines & wrinkles
  • Super-CBD skin healing


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