Sunmed CBD Lip Balm Broad Spectrum – 15mg



Sunmed CBD Broad Spectrum Lip Balm is made with high quality, naturally grown hemp. Our CBD lip balm is a perfect way to get a small dose of CBD on the go. It is a great product in that it is easily accessed and is applied directly to a very active part of our endocannabinoid system. It also is formulated with a special blend of natural carrier oils that is invigorated with the power of CBD. Best Broad Spectrum Lip Balm

This TropiCBD Lip balm will soon be a staple of your daily routine. Lip balm and CBD with thoughtfully curated natural extracts? Sign us up! Since this lip balm is so compact, it’s easy to keep it on you wherever life takes you. Just remember not to keep it in too sunny or hot of a location, because we don’t want the lip balm to melt! It gets better too, because TropiCBD also offers an option to buy a box of 30 balms. You will never find yourself in a place with dry, chapped lips again!

TropiCBD lip balm is infused with Vitamin E. This helps with the renewal of skin by delivering nutrition and hydration to your lips and the surrounding skin! This lip balm has 15mg of full-spectrum CBD with no THC, so applying the lip balm will not get you high!

The lip balm is sourced with products that are organic and non-GMO, so you can relax and apply knowing you’re fully treating yourself, guilt-free! Now, you can feel confident about your lips regardless of the season and weather, because they will always look renewed with this moisturizing lip balm from TropiCBD!



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Citrus, Pomegranate


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